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"Dana is excellent and knowledgeable. Her classes are a safe place for kids, and she is very helpful in guiding parents and helped us find options we did not know were available to us. My child is very excited and looks forward to group sessions with Dana and the other kids. If your child needs help making friends and/or coming out of his/her shell, I highly recommend calling and meeting Dana."

Ava T

"Great place to socialize! Dana is the best and understands everyone perfectly. I would rate it 6 stars if I could. I like the atmosphere of the group and is one of the best parts of the weekend for me."

Jimmy S

"Dana Glickman’s Social skills Program and Friday Night Out has been a catalyst that has helped my son Matt gain the skills and tools to forge new relationships and maintain existing ones.  This is by having the kids meet at Dana’s office for the Social Skills Program or a venue for the Friday Night Out  and socialize while participating in a activity. This enables the kids like my son who has a hard time maintaining friendships, social etiquette and male, female appropriate manners and language engage in a non threatening, non judgmental atmosphere. I have seen my son grow in maturity and social skills and benefit enormously from Dana’s program."


Dave L

"Dana Glickman has a unique style that kids seem to respect and respond too.  My son began seeing her about 7 years ago in a one-on-one and a group atmosphere.  Going to 'group' has been a highlight to my sons week for many years, and I have no doubt it has helped him to learn how to forge relationships. In our current world of video games and social media, many kids have become lonely and isolated.  I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart that Dana has brought some of these lonely kids together to form much needed in-person relationships. Through Kidz Helping Kidz, Dana, will help so many more kids by providing a venue and a program to reach so many more like my son."

Congratulations Dana!

Christina L

"As a parent of a son with disabilities, I felt very fortunate to find Dana and Kidz Helping Kidz! It gives my son the opportunity to socialize, gain useful life skills, make friends and relate to other  children in similar situations. I commend Dana for taking her time to organize and chaperone these events on her own time. It's a true testament to her commitment to helping children. I highly recommend Kidz Helping Kidz!"

Michelle P

"If you have children that are going through ADHD, peer pressure, anxiety, bullying, trouble making friends or low self- esteem, KIDZ HELPING KIDZ LLC, headed by Dana Kane-Glickman, LCSW is the place to go. I have been searching and searching for a good  therapist who could help my child with how to manage his anger and help him cope with being bullied and low self-esteem.  Finding a good one was extremely difficult. Some places we found were not geared for children; either it was dark and dreary or just plain scary to him. Then I heard of Dana Kane-Glickman, LCSW.  I called and an appointment was given right away.  My husband and I went into her office and we were astounded to see that it was geared for children of all ages.  Ms. Kane-Glickman told us all about her program and we were very pleased with what we heard and after she met with our child, we decided to give her a try. My child loves it. He has met new friends and looks forward to his time spent in therapy. He’s been seeing Ms. Kane-Glickman for 3 months now and we have seen a gradual change in him. He is still a work in progress, but he’s a lot better than he was. This is mostly due to the programs she sets up for these children.  My child sees her once a week for one on one visit and once a week for group sessions. He did not have any friends his age and he was a very lonely young man.  Since attending the group sessions, he has meet new friends, children his own age and really looks forward to attending these sessions especially. Children get together and talk about whatever is on their minds and learn how to communicate openly. My friends, family and even his school psychologist/ teachers were surprise (in a positive way) to hear of Dana Kane-Glickman’s therapeutic approach to helping our child/children. The best thing I love about Ms. Kane-Glickman’s program is every other Friday the children go out to different places around Long Island.  Places like Escape It; Dave & Busters, bowling; the movie theater, as well as other places that the children want to go, which, by the way, she personally supervises.  It teaches the children, who may already feel ostracized at school and other places, feel more secure about themselves. I have not heard of a therapist who does this anywhere in the New York area. This is someone who truly cares about our children. I would highly recommend sending your child/children to experience this different therapeutic approach of coping in today’s society."


Thank you, Dana. Keep up the good work.


 T’s parent

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