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KIDZ HELPING KIDZ is excited to announce a new program…..

A Sibling Support Group

For Middle School/High School



The bond between Siblings is unique and full of different emotions.


Are you the brother or sister of a special needs sibling?

Come and meet other kids who understand!

Gain support and education through discussion and recreational activities.

Make new friends, You are not alone!


Kidz Helping Sibz will: 

-provide a safe place where siblings can address their feelings in a supportive environment. 

-develop skills and coping techniques to deal with emotions, challenges and difficulties.

-explore different topics weekly, to specifically address their needs.

-enjoy social outings and end of group party.


The fee for the initial intake is $250.00

It is split into 2 session

Parents intake is $125.00

Childs intake is $125.00

8 week group

The cost is $440.00


Where: 22 McCulloch Drive. Dix Hills. 


Pre-registration and intake is required.

If you are interested in information regarding the program

Email me at, Or call at 516-702-0957 so I can go over the program details and give you a tour.

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