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Social Skills Meetings

6th-12th Grade

Kidz Helping Kidz is a unique social skills program, where kid with all abilities meet once per week for an hour, where middle/high school kids come together to feel welcomed, respected, included, safe, positive and happy, all while developing a stronger social navigation system. Our group is a place where your child will be accepted unconditionally, have fun, make friends, learn important skills, develop trust, problem solve, cope with stress and frustrations of everyday life, learn positive self expression, and create friendships that will last a lifetime. Our social skills meetings are a place to come together where there is no bullying and no judging one another.

Target Skills Include:​

  • Developing awareness of your own actions and behaviors that might be getting in the way of making and sustaining friendships

  • Starting and maintaining a conversation

  • Making eye contact

  • Moderating voice volume

  • Reading peoples emotions-Identify and managing emotions 

  • Understanding non-verbal cues

  • Understanding rules of a conversation - sustaining reciprocal conversations

  • Being flexible

  • Implementing better self control

  • Cooperatively working together

  • Maintaining personal boundaries

  • Demonstrating interests in others ideas - appreciating similarities and differences

  • Improving self-esteem

  • Reducing impulsivity

  • Developing and improving empathy

  • Being a good sport

  • Assertiveness training

  • Handling bullying

We teach social skills through fun and engaging multi-sensory activities, including but not limited to games, role playing, presentations, modeling and didactic instruction. 


22 McCulloch Dr

Dix Hills, NY 11746


The fee for the initial intake is $250.00.

It is split into 2 sessions.

Parent(s) intake cost $125.00.

Childs intake cost $125.00.

Social Skills Group weekly cost is $55.00.

8 week groups cost $440.00

For more information on how to participate, contact 

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