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"18+ Connections"Social Skills Program 



Program Goal:

A program built on kindness and compassion where all young adults (18+) and ALL ABILITIES are treated equally and feel included as an important member of the group. They will come together, develop and enhance social skills, find acceptance, build self-esteem and make new friendships.



We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of others by providing a supportive, engaging and fulfilling setting for social interaction and learning while promoting personal growth, in a caring, dedicated, integrated and accepting environment.



As people with special needs graduate high school, there are fewer opportunities for them to socialize. For individuals facing a disability or special needs, each day brings challenges. Each person needs to feel happy, have a sense of independence and a good quality of life. We will show sensitivity and understanding to members as they learn together.   We will work on maximizing each member’s potential while fostering social growth.


Some of the social skills we will work on are: reciprocal conversations, body language, eye contact, social awareness, maintaining personal boundaries, reducing impulsivity, demonstrating interests in others, and implementing better self-control.


Refreshments will be served


This program is designed for participants, 18+ with mild special needs and challenges with, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, learning delays, spectrum disorders, among other challenges. The members must be independent in all self-care skills.

Friday Night's Out:

In addition to weekly Social Skills meetings, members will also have the opportunity to go out. They can participate in, bi-weekly recreational activities called, "Friday Nights Out!" This will help the members practice social skills learned and use them in an unstructured social setting. Some of these activities will include but are not limited to: Movies, Dinner, Skyzone, Dave and Busters, Laser Tag, Mini Golf, Bowling, and Skating.  Additional ideas and suggestions will come from the members of the group.


22 McCulloch Dr

Dix Hills, NY 11746


The fee for the initial intake is $250.00.

It is split into 2 sessions.

Parent(s) intake cost $125.00.

Childs intake cost $125.00.

Social Skills Group weekly fee is $55.00.

8 week group is $440.00




If you are ready to get started with the application process, please call me to set up an appointment at 516-702-0957. 

For additional information please contact Dana Kane-Glickman, LCSW at 516-702-0957. You can email me at and can check us out on Facebook,

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