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Girls Day Out


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In addition to the weekly Social Skills Group, every other Saturday afternoons per month for 2 hours, the girls are invited to be a part of a fun, recreational activity which provides the opportunity and ongoing practice to generalize out the social skills. This is open to Girls Only, 6th grade through 18 plus. In addition, it is an opportunity to meet other girls who are not in their weekly social skills group. Some of the places we have we have been to were Plaster fun Craft (paint, clay), Celebrations in the Kitchen, (pretzels and cookies), Gather Studios (Paint a picture), Spa Skin Care (sugar scrubs, facials, paraffin wax, mani and pedi's), Chocolate Works, Jewelry making, Horseback Riding, Catpurrcino, Love on a Leash (dog training), Soap Making, Woodworking, Hydrodipping, Arts & Crafts and there are many more fun things to come.  Additional ideas and suggestions will come from the members of the group.

The cost is $65+

For more information on how to participate, contact 
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