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"Friday Nights Out!"


In addition to weekly social skills meetings, members will also have the opportunity to take what they've learned and generalize the skill out. For the first time on Long Island, bi-weekly recreational activities called, "Friday Nights Out!" are offered with supportive staff included. This will help the members practice social skills learned and use them in an unstructured social setting. Some of these activities will include but are not limited to: Movies, Dinner, Skyzone, Dave and Busters, Laser Tag, Mini Golf, Bowling, and Skating. Additional ideas and suggestions will come from the members of the group.

TOGETHER THESE TWO NIGHTS help members gain greater confidence in social settings, higher self-esteem, decrease social awkwardness, and experience less anxiety/fear around socializing.

For more information on how to participate, contact 

Our staff are highly dedicated trained professional. 

The cost is $65+

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