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Parent Support Group

Kidz Helping Kidz invites your to join us for our Parents Support Group.

When you have a child with social skills challenges, sometimes you are filled with many unanswered questions.  Sometimes it can feel very lonely.  You are not alone.  The best way to find answers, support and understanding is to get together with other families who are going through the same thing, or have been through it and are willing to lend their support to others.  The purpose is to connect with other parents who share your experience. 

The benefits for parents who participate in a support group are:

- A safe place to discuss personal issues, experiences, struggles and thoughts. 

- Receiving encouragement and support
- Share information that will benefit members in group
- Discover new information, resources and training

- Obtain additional parenting tips

- Develop and build social connections
- Gaining a stronger sense of community 

Refreshments will be served!

The Group weekly cost is $55.00.

8 week groups cost $440.00

To register please contact Dana Kane-Glickman, LCSW

Email:  or Phone: 516-702-0957

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