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This program is for kids with all abilities, who are struggling with her/his Social Skills, who are shy, experience social anxiety, who may sit alone a lot in school , refuse to join an activity, who may be able to filter what they say, who may wait for other kids to include them, may not be invited to birthday parties, tends to perseverate about his/her own interests, unable to initiate or maintain conversations, may have poor eye contact, trouble modulating voice volume, feels most comfortable in front of a screen, and may have trouble reading non- verbal cues.


The Mission is to build social competence, raise self- awareness and self- esteem. You child will  learn simple and complex introductions, conversational skills, maintain personal boundaries, learn how to read people’s emotions, demonstrate interest in other kid’s ideas, cooperatively work together, reduce impulsivity, understand non- verbal cues, read facial expressions and gestures, and develop and improve empathy.


They will come together, feel welcome, respected, safe, positive and happy

all while developing a stronger sense of their Social Thinking Skills.

They will have fun will learning effective communication skills.



There is a directory provided for all parents to help aide in bringing the

children together for playdates. 

The Goal is to make new friends, exchange phone numbers and make plans

outside of group which is highly encouraged at the end of

each social skill session.


Sessions are designed to meet each child’s need collectively though an all-inclusive and multidisciplinary approach. Each week we work on a specific social skill (goal) through informal activities, structured tasks, ice breakers, modeling, role playing, videos, feed-back and practice.

Group members will develop self- awareness, active listening skills, and become social thinkers.

Kids are grouped by age and their level of social abilities.


Parent Support Groups

Parents are an integral part of this process.  A Parent Support Group is offered at the same time your children are in their Social Skills Group.  It is a safe place to discuss personal issues, experiences, struggles and thoughts.  Parents will be able to receive encouragement, support, share information, and connect with other parents who share similar experiences. Parents will also discover new resources, information and training and obtain additional parenting tips, develop and build social connections and gain a stronger sense of community.



“Saturday Afternoons Out”

Every other Saturday afternoon we go out to a fun, recreational

activity which provides the opportunity and ongoing practice to generalize

out the skills we learn in the social skills group in a supportive environment.  

Some of these have included but not limited to Dave and Busters, Laserland,

Mini golf, Bowling, Movies, Skyzone, Adventureland, Chocolate Works,

Paint a Piece, Escape the Room and going out to eat. 


Contact Info

Are you interested in learning more about Kidz Helping Kidz, LLC? 

Please visit our website at                                                   

If you have any questions please email me, Dana Kane-Glickman, LCSW at 

If you are ready to get started with the application process, please call me to set up an appointment at 516-702-0957. 

Our fax number is 631-462-9198.  

The groups meet in Dix Hills


Dana Kane-Glickman, LCSW is the Founder and CEO of Kidz helping Kidz.

She is a caring and dedicated seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience providing psychotherapy to children, adolescents and their families.  She has extensive experience working with children with Special Needs, Anxiety, ADHD and Learning Disabilities. She has run small social skills groups. Her passion is to helping kids find true lasting friendships and created Kidz Helping Kidz to achieve that dream. 



Kidz Helping Kidz, LLC

22 McCulloch Drive

Dix Hills 11746



The fee for the initial intake is $150.00.

It is split into 2 sessions.

Parent(s) intake cost $75.00.

Childs intake cost $75.00.

Social Skills Group weekly fee is $40.00

8 week session $320.00


It is very important that your child is placed in the appropriate group.


Each session is 60 minutes.

K-5th Social Skills Program

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